Introducing iBrandit Digital, your go-to online graphic design studio for all things visually captivating! We’re here to help entrepreneurs like you jazz up your business with snazzy graphics that leave a lasting impression. From logos that scream “brand brilliance” to websites that make jaws drop, we’ve got you covered. And hey, that’s not all!

You know those eye-catching social media templates that make scrolling irresistible? Yeah, we design those too! Plus, we’re social media whizzes who can manage your online presence like nobody’s business. Oh, and did we mention our photography services? We’ll make your products shine brighter than a disco ball at Studio 54.

But wait, there’s more! We’re not just limited to the ordinary. Editorial design, advertising, photo editing – you name it, we can handle it! We love diving into exciting projects that challenge our creative chops. So, if you’ve got something wild and wonderful in mind, bring it on!

Now, let’s talk awards. Picture this: we were voted one of the top two graphic design studios in 2022, following our epic first-place victory in 2021. Our team of seasoned designers will work their magic, crafting customized designs that make you shine like the star you are, even in the most crowded digital jungle.

Don’t be shy, amigo! If you’ve got questions or you’re craving more deets about our stellar services, reach out to us without hesitation. We’re here to make your graphic design dreams a reality. Let’s turn up the creativity and make your business stand out from the crowd!


Originally from Mexico, Lu brings a background in photography, digital marketing, editorial design, and branding to establish the foundation for iBrandit.

Lu is passionate about everything visual, from photography and digital art to other media. She strives to do something different each time, working on it until she achieves perfection. With more than 10 years of experience working and studying in photography, art, and design, Luz graduated from UVM Zapopan Laureate International Universities. She received certification in Graphic Design and Art Direction from NABA Nuova Accademia di Belle Arti, one of the most highly accredited art universities in the world, located in Milan, Italy. Luz is passionate about her career and strives to keep pace with advances in technology by constantly updating her skills.

Luz is reliable and believes that iBrandit’s core values are a direct reflection of herself. She started her entrepreneurship journey in 2018 as a freelancer in Mexico, but it wasn’t until January 2021 that she founded iBrandit Digital.

Lu also counts with a great wide network of other Graphic Designers, Photographers, Artists, Writers, and Marketers that support her when she gets too busy or when a client desires a service she doesn’t offer. She works closely with her colleagues, sharing tips to help each other’s businesses. This allows iBrandit to offer a wide range of graphic design services, including logos, websites, social media templates, managing social media, photography, editorial design, advertising, and photo editing.

Our target customers are small business owners who want to enhance their digital presence and reach more customers through social media and branding. We pride ourselves on working closely with each client to create customized designs that meet their unique needs and help them stand out from the crowd.



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From Our Clients

Luz of iBrandit Digital is awesome! Working with her is more than just buying a logo, it’s an experiential journey! She connected with my brand & gave me the luxury discovery treatment! Thanks Luz for bringing SCHINE Design to life!

Kristine Kerby Schumacher


As the CanDo Bookkeeping Services owner, I would highly recommend iBrandit Digital. I engage Luz of iBrandit Digital to do my logo/branding and manage my social media. I quickly realized that Luz could help me achieve my branding goals and save me from making costly branding mistakes.

Luz has a comprehensive skill set, including photography, digital marketing and branding. With her assistance and her knowledge base, she designed a logo and branding that was eye-catching and unique. Luz was organized and professional but took time to make my designs innovative and eye-catching. She is knowledgeable about social media, and I found her expertise in this area very helpful and cost-effective.

I believe that iBrandit will be a benefit to Central Alberta businesses looking for help in branding and social media.”

Gwendy Donegany

CanDo Bookkeeping Services

I’ve been working in communications and marketing for 30 years – which means I know just enough about design to be dangerous

I built a logo for my startup business, but after a short conversation with her, Luz and IBrandit Digital took my comments (and basically random words and thoughts about the goals of the business) and intuitively elevated my graphic design concept to a completely different level.

Her font choice reflected my target market perfectly, and the graphic elements were simple and direct – echoing the emotional sentiment of the growing Silver Quill Legacies brand.

Her ability to extract key information to design my logo is rare – no cookie-cutter formats or fill in the blank designs

I now have the foundation for a brand to be proud of, rather than something that was “good enough.” It’s now my job to do her work justice.

I should have contacted sooner for help – but I’m confident that I’ll be working with her again.”

Dan Macpherson

SilverQuill Legacies

You have a project in mind? Tell us about it!

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Phone: + 1780 220 3229

You have a project in mind? Tell us about it!